Tina On the Bay -Tina
Hannah in London, UK with a Bengal Eagle Owl -Hannah
Falcon Watchers watching the 2002 fledglings. -Cornpoppy
DianaR and Chrissypeck -Cornpoppy
Baerbel and Aafke -Aafke
Paul Hamilton and a Saker Falcon -Paul Hamilton
Hootie (Carol G) and Gracie -Hootie
Hootie and Linda B -Hootie
Joe Lighthouse -Jim Pisello
Charlie Dennett -Jim Pisello
Former Birdman -Cornpoppy
Michael Allen and a friend on Banding Day 2002. -Cornpoppy
Brad Carney and a friend on Banding Day 2002. -Cornpoppy
Dennis Money and a friend on Banding Day 2002. -Cornpoppy
Cornpoppy -Cornpoppy
Karen R and Omar, an injured falcon she rescued while in Saudi Arabia. -Karen R
Nancy R's caricature was a gift from 2002's first graders. -Nancy R
Flirty Birdy (aka Veronica) and Muffin. Guess what it says on her shirt. -Flirty Birdy
Liz in Toronto in her old office. -Liz in Toronto
Baerbel Winkler and her husband manning last year's information booth at their local zoo, the "Wilhelma." -Baerbel Winkler
Siobhan Ruck and a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. -Siobhan Ruck
BeckyS -BeckyS
Marcel Gahbauer and Scotty at the Lambton Heritage Museum in March, 2000. -Brad Carney
Alison and a kestrel at Burg Lockenhaus in Burgenland, Austria. -Alison
Jim Pisello, who provided many of these images, is sailing on Lake Ontario. -Jim Pisello
Dan Steihler, a long-time birder who's been watching our falcons since 1999, rescued Mary Ann, one of the Millenium falcons, two years ago. He's not connected to the internet, so we have to give him verbal updates. Dan was too busy watching Kaver to pose for a picture! -Jim Pisello
Suzette Wood, one of the regulars on the discussion board, is standing on the bridge. -Jim Pisello
Shaky working on his latest book [Bathrobe Brigade, please note his attire. -Ed.]