Kodak Office as viewed from State St.
Kodak Office as viewed from Platt St.
The "rockets" atop the Kodak Tower steeple are at the base of the steeple's 8-sided facade. The nest box and cameras are located at the bottom of the picture. -Jim Pisello
Nest Box Location at the Kodak Office building. -Birdcam 2001
To the west of the nest box is a Kodak parking lot. -Birdcam 2001
To the north of the Kodak tower is Kodak Park and Lake Ontario. -Cornpoppy
From their "skybox" seats, the falcons have a terrific view of Frontier Field, the home of Rochester's Red Wings baseball team and Rhinos soccer team. -Birdcam 2001
Here's another falcon view from their nest box. -Birdcam 2001
That first step is a doozie - 22 stories straight down! -Birdcam 2001
Panoramic view of the Rochester skyline as seen from the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge. -Demaris
Huge aerial photo of Kodak Office and vicinity -Gary F
High Falls area as viewed from Kodak building SE of tower -Cornpoppy
Landmarks in Camera 2's field of view -jat
Landmarks in Camera 3's field of view -jat
Landmarks in Camera 4's field of view -jat
Brü (formerly Empire) Brewpub, a local hangout with its own microbrewery, at the corner of State St. and Platt St. -Jim Pisello
Jimmy Mac's, a nice place to grab a burger and a beer, is adjacent to the Pont de Rennes bridge. -Jim Pisello
The entrance to the Pont de Rennes pedestrian bridge, looking east. Jimmy Mac's is on the left. -Jim Pisello
Railroad tracks on the east end of the pedestrian bridge, looking north. -Demaris
Pedestrian bridge as seen from the railroad tracks. -Demaris
The High Falls of the Genesee river and the High Falls Gorge, as seen from the foot bridge. -Jim Pisello
A nice shot of the High Falls. To the right of the falls is an overlook and the Gorsline Building, a long-abandoned shoe factory that is now being renovated into office space and a festival site. -Jim Pisello
The RG&E Smokestacks as seen from the bridge. The Kodak Tower is just to the left of the tallest stack. -Jim Pisello
The State Street/High Falls Parking Garage. -Jim Pisello
The radio towers, located south of Kodak Office, are favorite hangouts for the falcons. -Jim Pisello
The Xerox Tower, located approximately 1 mile SE of Kodak Office.
The top of the Chase Tower, located approximately 3/4 mile SE of Kodak Office. -Jim Pisello
A close-up view of the Chase Tower
An extreme close-up view of the Chase Tower
The top of the Times Square Building, located approximately 1/2 mile SE of Kodak Office, houses Rochester's sole remaining daily newspaper, The Democrat and Chronicle. It has a unique, 4-finned art-deco finial. -Jim Pisello
The Times Square Building as viewed from across the Genesee river just south of Main St. To the left is building with a bell tower. Atop the tower is a statue of Mercury.
First Federal Plaza, located approximately 1/2 mile SE of Kodak Office, has a revolving restaurant atop it. The restaurant has closed, but it's still clearly visible. The elevator shaft visible on the left corner of the building used to be a favorite perch for Cabot-Sirocco. -Jim Pisello
First Federal Plaza,the Crossroads Building, and the Times Square Building in the background between them as viewed from the east bank of the Genesee River